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31 Aug Raynaud's Disease
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Do you suffer from cold hands and feet? Do your fingers and toes turn white or blue at times?A disorder of the blood vessels causes the blood vessels to narrow when you are cold or stressed.  This c..
01 Sep Triggers of Eczema and it's rising incidence
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Chiswick resident and organic natural skincare product pioneer Asal Shirazi looks at the triggers of eczema and it's rising incidence. According to the British Skin Foundation..."There are 1 millio..
01 Sep Super Foods
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My friend was telling me how "superfoods" will cure cancer and nearly all other ailments. She came over to my house with a box full of "superfoods" which included cranberry juice, pomegranite juice,..
31 Aug Thyroid Gland Problems
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Surprisingly, a large population of women and men suffer from thyroid problems in their mid 30s on wards. Although, it is more prevalent in women. I will not go in to causes here but symptoms, as it..
31 Aug Sun Burn
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This month so many are on holiday and soaking up the sun in sunnier climes. This typical holiday season is also the season of sunburn !What is exactly a sun burn? Perhaps understanding the meaning ..
01 Sep Testosterone and Stress
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In our bodies, we have both types of male and female hormones in different quantities. Testosterone, for example, is the name given to the male hormone which is an androgen. This hormone is required..
01 Sep You Look Fine
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"You look absolutely fine to me!" beamed the Community Healthcare assessor. It's not the diagnosis but the symptoms that seems to be accountable. So if you are diagnosed with something like life lim..
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We all take so much for granted that the simplest of things  get over looked. Have you ever thought why we have Saliva?Saliva or in layman terms, spit, is a vital part of our bodily secretions. It l..
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